Intellectual Property ServicesWe provide a creative approach to complex or highly technical IP issues. Here are just some of the services we offer clients:

  • Full IP portfolio audits and review of IP alignment to corporate strategy
  • Strategic advice for converting a patent portfolio into a profit generator
  • Design of IP strategies to maximize the value of investment
  • Amicus briefs and patent policy advocacy
  • Comprehensive due diligence investigations of potential partners
  • Growth visioning and planning for small and mid cap pharma and biotech companies
  • Guided pharma and biotech investment consulting for venture capital and investment banking groups
  • Expert guidance to small and mid cap companies to avoid costly IP missteps
  • Innovative support in freedom to operate issues
  • Strategic fixes to difficult or losing IP litigation
  • Assistance during intractable patent prosecution
  • Navigation through IP and Hatch-Waxman regulatory obstacles for drug developing and manufacturing companies to secure maximum proprietary terms